Valheim console commands – spawn items, fly, and more

If you want to avoid a Viking burial, use our comprehensive list of Valheim console commands for your next game.

Valheim, the Viking survival game might seem like a walk in the park when you first start, but it quickly ramps up in difficulty. If you want to avoid heading to Valhalla earlier than expected, our comprehensive database of Valheim console commands will ensure you can get your hands on items quickly and efficiently, without burning through your savings.

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General Valheim console commands

Description Code
Enables god mode god
Restores health to max heal
Allows you to spawn items in bulk, for example spawn Wood 50 spawn [item] [quantity] [level]
Empties stomach, resets health and stamina puke
Adds or removes smooth movements to camera ffsmooth (1/0)
Activates free camera freefly
Kills all nearby enemies killall
Tames all nearby creatures tame
Enemies will ignore you ghost
Reveals the entire map exploremap
Hides the entire map resetmap
Shows player coordinates pos
Teleports player to specific coordinates goto [x,y]
Sets spawn location location
Sets time of day tod [1-5]
Starts the specified event event [name]
Ends the event stopevent
Starts a random event randomevent
Resets your character data resetcharacter
Raises skill by specified amount raiseskill [skill] [amount]
Toggles dps debug dpsdebug
Forces a save save
Adjusts the difficult scale players [nr]
Removes all dropped items removedrops
Adjusts the wind direction and intensity wind [angle][intensity]
Removes character's hair hair
Removes character's beard beard
Switches character between male and female body model (0/1)
Toggles no cost mode nocost

Multiplayer Valheim console commands

Description Code
Shows all available commands help
Kicks the named user kick [name]
Bans the named user ban [name]
Unbans the named user unban [ip/userID]
Shows all banned users banned
Pings the server to measure latency ping
Sets the draw distance for the server (1-5) lodbias [number]
Prints current system info info
Disables portals noportals

Creative Valheim console commands

Description Code
Allows you to fly in Creative Mode z
Kills all enemies in Creative Mode k
Repair any items without a workbench in Creative Mode b

How to enable Valheim console commands

Before you can use Valheim cheats, you’ll need to activate the console. To do this on PC Game Pass, navigate to the game’s installation folder and then find Valheim.exe. Right click this and make a shortcut and drag that to your desktop. Here, right-click the shortcut and select properties. In the shortcut tab, add -console to the end of the target field, hit apply, and click ok.

On Steam, right-click Valheim in your library, select properties, and then in the general tab, look for launch options. Here, type in -console and close the tab.

Valheim console commands: Two vikings gather around a fire at night

How to use Valheim console commands

Once you’re all set up and your console is enabled, you need to pull it up in game. You can open (and close) the console at any time by pressing F5. Then, before entering any commands above, type devcommands in, and get cheating.

How to fix Valheim console commands not working

At the moment, you can only use Valheim console commands in single-player. If you’re trying to use them in multiplayer, they won’t work. You will see, though, that we do have some console commands listed for multiplayer above. These can only be used by admins to manage their own severs.

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