Skyrim console commands – skill cheats, god mode, and infinite gold

A comprehensive list of the best Skyrim console commands, including gold cheats to get rich, and skill cheats to max out your character.

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The Elder Scrolls series is all about endless horizons and open-world adventuring, so it’s only appropriate that Skyrim console commands let you do almost anything. Whether you’re hungry for unlimited gold, want to max out your skills, or crave the power of god mode, our list of Skyrim cheats has everything you need. 

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Skyrim gold cheats:
Description Code
10 gold Add 10 gold to your inventory player.additem 0000000f 10
100 gold Add 100 gold to your inventory player.additem 0000000f 100
100000 gold Add 100000 gold to your inventory player.additem 0000000f 100000
Skyrim skills console commands:
Description Code
Max out Speech skill advancepcskill speechcraft 10000000
Max out Alchemy skill advancepcskill alchemy 10000000
Max out Alteration skill advancepcskill alteration 10000000
Max out Archery skill advancepcskill marksman 10000000
Max out Block skill advancepcskill block 10000000
Max out Conjuration skill advancepcskill conjuration 10000000
Max out Destruction skill advancepcskill destruction 10000000
Max out Enchanting skill advancepcskill enchanting 10000000
Max out Heavy Armor skill advancepcskill heavyarmor 10000000
Max out Illusion skill advancepcskill illusion 10000000
Max out Light Armor skill advancepcskill lightarmor 10000000
Max out lockpicking skill advancepcskill lockpicking 10000000
Max out One-handed skill advancepcskill onehanded 10000000
Max out Pickpocket skill advancepcskill pickpocket 10000000
Max out Restoration skill advancepcskill restoration 10000000
Max out Smithing skill advancepcskill smithing 10000000
Max out Sneaking skill advancepcskill sneak 10000000
Max out Two-handed skill advancepcskill twohanded 10000000
Skyrim quests console commands:
Description Code
Complete all stages of every step in the game. Be warned, this can be buggy. caqs
Teleport to a quest target. movetoqt [Quest ID]
Skyrim toggle cheats:
Description Code
Toggle god mode Unlimited health, magicka, stamina, and carrying capacity. tgm
Toggle immortal mode The player character will still be able to take damage, but will not die tim
Toggle collision Lets the player character clip through walls and environments tcl
Toggle AI detection NPCs won't be able to detect you (but they'll still get mad if you try to pickpocket them) tdetect
Toggle AI Turns non-combat AI off or on for NPCs tai
Toggle menus Disables and enables the user interface tm

How to use Skyrim Console Commands

Activating Skyrim console commands couldn’t be simpler. If you’re playing on PC, simply hit the tilde key (~) to bring up the console command interface. From here, just type out your code of choice and bash that enter key to activate the effect.

But if you really want to understand how best to use Skyrim console commands, you’ll need to understand how these cheats work.

Let’s say you want to add an item to your inventory, the command is “player.additem XXXXXXXX YY” where “X”s are the item’s ID and the “Y”s are the amount.

So, the gold cheat is: “player.additem 0000000f YY” with YY being the amount you want to add.

What about if you want to add something other than gold?

If you press the tilde key (~) and open the console, you can use your mouse to click on any object in the game. This will then put the object’s ID at the top of the console window. So, if you’re in need of healing and have a potion of minor healing in your inventory but want more, follow these steps:

  • Open the console with the tilde key (~)
  • Click on the existing item in game (for example, a potion of minor healing)
  • Type in the command “player.additem” and the object ID at the top of the console window (0003EADD in the case of a potion of minor healing) followed by the quantity you want (eg. 25)
  • Hit enter
  • Your items have been added to your inventory

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