Minecraft commands and cheats 2024 – every console code

These Minecraft commands and cheats will help establish your server in no time, and give you help with your seed.

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In a huge sandbox like Minecraft, getting your seed up to scratch can take a lot of time and effort, so why not reduce that time with the best Minecraft commands and cheats? Using the game’s console, you can duplicate items, spawn creatures, or turn your world into Atlantis – the choice is yours.

What will you pick, though? Have a browse through the Minecraft console commands below and get creative.

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General Minecraft commands:
Description Code
Gives you more information on the chosen command /help [CommandName]
Used to give another player an item from your inventory /give [Amount]
Teleports a chosen player to a specific part in the world. /tp [player] xyz
Kills your character /kill
Gives chosen player free experience points /experience add
Changes the difficulty to Peaceful, Easy, Normal, or Hard /difficulty
Changes to weather to rain, thunder or snow /weather
Changes the gamemode to Creative /gamemode creative
Changes the game mode to Survival Mode /gamemode survival
Sets the time to day. Replace 1000 with 0 for dawn, 6000 for midday, 12000 for dusk, and 18000 for midnight /time set 1000
Produces a code for your world /seed
This will stop time in its place /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Instantly spawns a creature or object of your choice /summon
Submerges almost everything in water /atlantis
Turns a creature into a mount /ride
One click mining /instantmine
Stops any creature in their tracks /freeze
Turns fall damage on or off /falldamage
Turns fire damage on or off /firedamage
Ensures you keep all your items when you die. /gamerule keepInventory true
Ensures you lose all your items when you die. /gamerule keepInventory false
Turns water damage on or off /waterdamage
Turns all held items into their smelted form /superheat
Boosts the growing time of seeds /instantplant
Stores all inventory items into a nearby chest /dropstore
Removes weapon damage and degradation /itemdamage
Copies the item equipped /duplicate

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an enormous sandbox adventure in which players can explore procedurally generated worlds, mine for resources, craft tools and items, battle mobs of enemies, and create huge structures.

The game was originally created by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson and released into the wild fully in 2011. Since then, it has become the best-selling videogame of all-time, and can now be played on several different platforms.


Minecraft commands cheats: Several Minecraft characters on a blocky tower with a wolf, pig, sheep, and several zombies

How do I enable the Minecraft console?

Firstly, when creating your world – be it survival or creative – be sure to have ‘Enabled Cheats’ selected or the console will be blocked! To pull the console menu up, you’ll need to hit ‘/’ on your keyboard.

How do I use Minecraft commands?

To use one of the many Minecraft cheats above, you’ll need to pull up the console, and then enter a command from our list above. Every command will need to be entered with a forward slash (/) for them to be valid.

You’ll have to pick a recipient for the command, but rather than typing our a player’s full name, you can use the following shortcuts to find the right person:

  • @p –  nearest player
  • @r – random player
  • @a – all players
  • @e – all entities
  • @s – the entity executing the code

When you’re ready to use your command, hit the enter key.

Just remember: commands can only be used in worlds that have cheats enabled.

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