Tower Defense Simulator June 2024 – free coins, gems, and skins

If you want to bolster your headquarters ahead of the next big wave, use these Tower Defense Simulator codes for coins, gems, and skins.

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Getting a grip on enemy waves can be tough without the latest Tower Defense Simulator codes. When zombies and big bosses are wearing you and your teammates down, sometimes all you need in your life is a little pick me up. Fortunately Paradoxum Games is quite generous with the amount of coins, gems, and skins it gives out, so use the codes below and treat yourself before your next big battle.

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Working Tower Defense Simulator codes:
Description Code
Redeem the John Skin 9509253943
Expired Working Tower Defense Simulator codes:
Description Code
Redeem the Beach Gladiator skin, providing you have the Gladiator Tower beachglad2022
Redeem the Present Skin, providing you have the Farm Tower MERRY2021
Redeem Premium Skincrate robloxisback
Redeem Deluxe Crate 1BILLION
Redeem Mini Skin, providing you have the Minigunner Tower COMMUNITY20
Redeem one Party Crate celebration21
Redeem 500 Gems 200KMAY
Redeem Commmander Skin, providing you have Commander Tower BLOXY21
Redeem 200 coins FIFTYK
Redeem Premium Crate delayed
Redeem 100 Gems imababy
Redeem one Premium Crate newyear2021
Redeem one Pumpkin Crate 30k
Redeem Cowboy Skin, providing you have Cowboy Tower DOUBLEBLOXIES
Redeem Freezer Skin, providing you have Freezer Tower ICYFREEZE
Redeem 65 experience points W33KLICODE
Redeem Minigunner Twitter Skin 5KMILESTONE
Redeem Hunter Troop B1RDHUNT3R
Redeem one Pumpkin Crate 1pumpkin

What is Tower Defense Simulator?

Tower Defense Simulator is a Roblox game mode created by Paradoxum Games in 2019. It’s a wave based game mode, which requires players to team up with one another, defend and upgrade their towers, in an attempt to stop waves of enemies from taking control of the map. Players are rewarded for their success in experience points, coins, and gems, the latter of which can be used to buy new towers, emotes, and skins.

Tower Defense Simulator codes: An orange Lego man in a blue, yellow, and black high-vis outfit screams as he's attacked by two enemies

How do I redeem Tower Defense Simulator codes?

To redeem a Tower Defense Simulator, you need to head to the lobby, then hit the Twitter logo on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to type in or paste the codes from above in and claim your free goodies.

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