Strongman Simulator codes June 2024 – pets and energy boosts

If you're feeling a little lethargic today, try one of these Strongman Simulator codes as a little pick-me-up to become bigger and better than before.

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If you’re not feeling particularly swole today, you might want to consider using one of our Strongman Simulator codes. This Roblox game is all about dragging heavy items across a map, all while becoming bigger and better than before. These codes give you things like energy boosts, which are basically the protein shakes of the Roblox world.

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Working Strongman Simulator codes:
Description Code
Redeem for double movement speed Shazam!FuryOfTheGods
Redeem for double movement speed Shazam!
Redeem a reward 400M
Redeem a boost 100M
Redeem for a stat buff LearnThe
Redeem for a stat buff TruePowerOf
Redeem a reward 10m
Redeem double energy boost 25k
Redeem double energy boost 1500likes
Redeem double energy boost 5000likes
Redeem double energy boost 10000
Redeem a pet strongman
Expired Strongman Simulator codes:
Description Code
Redeem Double Workout season1
Redeem Double Energy Boost 500likes
Ten minutes of Double Workout HOLIDAY
Redeem a Rubber Duck Chad

How to redeem Strongman Simulator codes

To redeem Strongman Sim codes, open the game and press the Twitter icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Here type in your code, hit redeem, and claim your goodies.

Strongman Simulator codes: A tattooed man in a white tank top squat lifts a bar full of weights

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