Project Slayers codes March 2023

With our Project Slayers codes list, you can grab plenty of XP boosts and spins to ensure that you’re always at the top of your game

If you’re short on beli, spins, or want to reset your stats, our Project Slayers codes guide can help you out. In this anime-inspired world, it’s survival of the fittest, you need to fight through hordes of enemies, and our Roblox Project Slayers codes list has various items that can help you out.

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Working Project Slayers codes

Description Code
Spins and Resets ThanksFor500kVotes
Race Reset ThanksFor200milVisitsRace
Spins and Resets Roblox@ItAgain
Race Reset Roblox@ItAgainRaceReset
Breathing Reset Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset
Spins and Resets ProjectShutdown
Race Reset ProjectShutdownRace
Breathing Reset ProjectShutdownBreathing

Expired Project Slayers codes

Description Code
expired code 400Klikes
expired code 400Klikesracreset
expired code 400Klikesbreathingreset
expired code Miniupdate3
expired code Miniupdate3breathingreset
expired code MiniUpdate3racereset
expired code 350Kupvotes!
expired code 350Kupvotes!Breathing
expired code lastcode?lol
expired code anotherdayanothershutdown
expired code 300klikes!
expired code shutdownnumb2
expired code shutdown!
expired code miniupdate
expired code miniupdatedaily
expired code soryagainguys:V
expired code 200K+upvotestysm
expired code sorryforanothershutdown
expired code 100K+likesiglol
expired code werebackup
expired code Gettingthere!
expired code Sorryforshutdowns!
expired code Upd@te1B1gCodE
race reset AkazagoBRR
expired code HappyNewYears!
expired code 2023BreathingReset
expired code HappyUpdateYears!
expired code MerryChristmas2022
expired code MerryChristmas2022RaceReset
expired code MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset

What is Project Slayers?

Project Slayers is a Roblox game that takes influence from various anime, such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, and more. Just like the shows and manga that it takes influence from, Project Slayers features a lot of exploration and action, as you not only search for treasure but battle all sorts of foes as you make your way across the virtual world. Still, battling is a bit easier with some Project Slayers codes under your belt.

How do I redeem Project Slayers codes?

You can redeem Project Slayers codes by following the simple method below.

  • Launch Project Slayers in Roblox
  • Open the main menu
  • Select the book icon
  • Paste a code from above into the text box
  • Hit redeem and grab those goodies!

What is Project Slayers breathing?

Project Slayers breathing is an in-game mechanic that only becomes available to you after you reach level 12. In essence, there are four types – insect, thunder, water, and wind – each of which provides you with various moves to learn in combat. However, to learn a Project Slayers breathing technique, you must first find the teacher associated with it in the world.

Is there a Project Slayers Discord?

Yes, there is a Project Slayers Discord and luckily it’s not hard to join. All you need to do is visit the official Roblox game for the game and scroll down to social links, where you can find an option to go to the Discord page. To get access, you just need to hit the ‘accept invite’ button upon your arrival.

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