Oblivion console commands – gold, skills, weapons, and more

If you want to obliterate everything in your path or just get more gold, these Oblivion console commands are for you.

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Are you desperate for more gold in Oblivion? Maybe you’re lusting after a particular weapon at the end of a difficult questline? Well, use these Oblivion console commands and you can have practically anything in the Elder Scrolls universe before a guard can shout “criminal scum” at you.

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Description Code
Oblivion console commands gold:
Description Code
Grants 10,000 gold. Replace the number with another to customise this command player.additem F 10000
Toggle Oblivion console commands:
Description Code
Toggles AI tai
Toggles combat AI tcai
Toggles collision on or off tcl
Purge cell buffer pcb
Toggles AI detection tdetect
Toggles debug text tdt
Toggles freeflying camera tfc
Toggles fog of war on or off tfow
Toggles full help tfh
Toggles grass tg
Toggles God Mode tgm
Toggles heads up picture in picture thd
Toggles lite brite tlb
Toggles land LOD tll
Toggles leaves tlv
Toggles menus tm
Toggles Motion Guide tmg
Toggles all map markers (1/0) tmm [#]
Toggles sky ts
Toggle trees tt
Toggles wireframe mode twf
Toggles water radius twr
Toggles water rendering tws
Targeted Oblivion console commands:
Description Code
Activates target activate
Adds item to inventory additem [BaseID] [qty]
Disables and removes an object or NPC disable
Enables or removes an object or NPC enable
Removes item from player character's inventory removeitem [BaseID] [qty0
Force equips an item equipitem [BaseID] [NoUnequip]
Removes all items from inventory removeallitems
Adds spell to spell list addspell [SpellCode]
Removes spell from spell list removespell [SpellCode]
Dispels a specific magic effect from target dispel [SpellCode]
Dispel all spell-based magic effects from target dispelallspells
Clones target actor createfullactorcopy
Deletes a clone of the target actor deletefullactorcopy
Duplicates all items from the target container to the referenced container DuplicateAllItems [refID]
Get value of attribute getav [attribute]
Sets value of attribute setav [attribute] [#]
Kills actor kill [victim]
Locks Target (1–99) lock [#]
Unlocks targeted object unlock
Modifies target disposition moddisposition [ID] [+/-#]
Moves to or . e.g. moveto player moveto [refID/location]
Pays a player's criminal fines payfine
Pays criminal fines without removing stolen items from inventory payfinethief
Spawns a new copy of object in front of player placeatme [BaseID] [#]
Resurrects target actor resurrect [#]
Sets actor's name SetActorFullName [name]
Sets specified bounty on target setcrimegold [#]
Changes target's level setlevel [#]
Changes the state of a door SetOpenState [#]
Changes ownership of targeted item SetOwnership [BaseID/FactionID]
Stops target combat stopcombat
Starts target combat startcombat
Starts NPC conversation startconversation [refID], [topic parameter?]
Character Oblivion console commands:
Description Code
Forces a level up advlevel
Force a skill up # levels advskill [skill] [#]
Changes current ability/attribute player.setAV [ability/attribute] [#]
Changes level (1–255) player.setlevel [#]
Sets fame SetPCFame
Sets infamy SetPCInfamy
Change gender SexChange
Change race/face/sex/name ShowRaceMenu
Changes birthsign ShowBirthsignMenu
Changes class ShowClassMenu
Shows enchanting window ShowEnchantment
Shows spell creation screen ShowSpellMaking
Shows those detecting the player swdp
Adds number of points to an attribute modpca [attribute] [#]
Adds number of points to the skill modpcs [skill] [#]
Adds all spells to player psb
Makes the target a follower of hero addscriptpackage 0009E69B
Makes the target a certain size Setscale [#]
Quest Oblivion console commands:
Description Code
Completes specified quest completequest [qID]
Completes all quest stages caqs
Shows quest stage for specified quest. GetStage [qID]
Removes quest from list but does not complete it player.completequest [qID]
Shows active quests ID and stage ShowQuestTargets
Advances quest ID to stage SetStage [qID] [Stg]
Set quest object (1=quest 0=no quest) setquestobject [BaseID] [flag]
Shows all log entries for the quest showfullquestlog [qID]
Shows quest log showquestlog
Shows current quest log showquestlog 0
Shows completed quest log showquestlog 1
Shows all quests and stage sq
Shows current quest sqt
Teleports to quest target movetoqt
Other Oblivion console commands:
Description Code
Executes the specified file bat [filename]
Teleport to specified location coc [location]
Teleport to exact coordinates coe [X], [Y]
Enables player control during cinematics enableplayercontrols
Changes the field of view of the player (0–180) fov [value]
Forces specified weather conditions fw [ID]
Kills all creatures nearby killall
Picks reference by ID prid [refId]
Exits the game without using menus qqq
Forces named save save [name]
Save ini settings saveini
Shows value of global variable show
Sets global variable set [globalvar] to [value]
Selects debugging Info setdebugtext
Sets the speed of how fast time advances in-game. (Default=30 Realtime=1) set timescale to [#]
Creates a window with the full game scene graph ssg
Set weather to specified ID sw [ID]
Get game setting getgs [game setting]
Set game setting setgs

How to use Oblivion console commands

To enable the console, you’ll need to make sure that bAllowConsole is set to 1 in your oblivion.ini file. The oblivion.ini file is normally stored in the ‘My Documents\My Games‘ directory unless specified elsewhere during installation.

Once you’ve found the oblivion.ini file, right-click it and open it in Notepad. This will show you the list of settings. Locate the bAllowConsole option, set it to 1, and then click File > Save.

If that is set up, you can then access the console by hitting ` or ~ key and then entering your code.

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