Anime Fighting Simulator codes April 2024 – free yen and chikara

With our full list of working Anime Fighting Simulator codes, you can get plenty of free Yen and Chikara shards.

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To be one of the best anime fighters in the business, you’ll need to train your body and your mind using a few Anime Fighting Simulator codes along the way. Whether you’re looking for more Yen and Chikara shards to pay for your next big upgrade or you’re looking for a way to redeem your codes, our comprehensive database has got you covered.

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Working Anime Fighting Simulator codes:
Description Code
chikara shards 1billionvisits!
chikara shards sub2hakimbo
2,000 chikara shards Emperador2kcode
chikara shards 1millionsubsfrango
10,000 chikara shards Defild800k
chikara shards 300ksubstigretv
1,500 chikara shards emperadorwapo
1,500 chikara shards sub2defildplays
30,000 chikara shards 2millionsingroup!
75,000 chikara shards 1billionvisits!
5,000 chikara shards Emperadorstar
1,000 chikara shards Frangonewcode
chikara shards kelvin600k
chikara shards elemperador100k!
chikara shards bigboi100k
chikara shards Mrrhino50k
chikara shards Defildpromo
chikara shard medtw50k
chikara shards thanksbugfixes
chikara shards subtodefildplays
chikara shards NNG
chikara shards sub2hakimbo
chikara shards defildstream
chikara shards emperadorsubs
yen Defildyen
chikara shards GGgames40k
chikara shards L3NI
yen frango2yen
chikara shards defild700k
chikara shards Tigre200k
chikara shards n1colas2sub
chikara shards tigretvsub
chikara shards subfrango
chikara shards Sub2tanqr
yen sub2tplanetmilo
yen subtomrrhino
yen sub2razorfishgaming
yen 29 subtokelvingts
chikara shards Dwax10k
Expired Anime Fighting Simulator codes:
Description Code
Expired code 100kRecord
Expired code 20kblockzone
Expired code 50milthanks
Expired code 5000CHIKARA
Expired code 550kisalot
Expired code 500komg
Expired code 600kamazing
Expired code 650klikes
Expired code 700klikes
Expired code 900kmembers
Expired code Almost100k
Expired code AttackOfGiants
Expired code Awesome50k
Expired code bloodlinefixes
Expired code bloodlinesfixed
Expired code BronzePiece_
Expired code ChimeraIsland
Expired code ChuggaChugga
Expired code Craftbug
Expired code DEFILD
Expired code Defild800k
Expired code dwaxinstream
Expired code emilioglad30k
Expired code EmptyWorld
Expired code thanksbugfixes
Expired code anotherbugfix
Expired code Epic150k
Expired code EpicCode
Expired code fav75
Expired code frango2sub
Expired code follow2defildplays
Expired code GGGAMES40K
Expired code GGGAMES50K
Expired code GhoulCity
Expired code GoodByeBugs
Expired code HeroAcademy
Expired code LASTYEARCODE750K
Expired code Lucky30k
Expired code Magic100k
Expired code ManyLikes
Expired code MegaLikes
Expired code merrychristmas
Expired code milestones
Expired code Nice200k
Expired code oneyear500m
Expired code Pog125k
Expired code rename
Expired code SlayerCorps
Expired code SUB2KELVIN
Expired code SUBN1COLAS
Expired code subtigretv
Expired code Sulley
Expired code Sulley300k
Expired code Sulley500k
Expired code Super75k
Expired code SuperLikes
Expired code TicketCode
Expired code TIGRE250K
Expired code TIGRETV2SUB
Expired code twitter5k
Expired code UpdateDelay
Expired code VEXOSTREAM
Expired code VirtualCastle
Expired code Yeet250k
chikara shard anotherbugfix
chikara shards secretrazorfishcode
chikara shards bloodlinesfixed

What is Anime Fighting Simulator?

Anime Fighting Simulator is an idle clicker game, allowing you to put your favorite anime characters up against one another inside a giant Roblox sandbox. You’ll have the opportunity to train your chosen character as much as possible, unlocking new equipment, weapons, and cosmetics as you progress. 

As a reward for your hard work, you’ll be granted Yen and Chikara – two Anime Fighting Simulator currencies – that will come in handy as your fighter comes up against more challenging foes. You can spend these currencies on buffing your fighter’s physical strength, durability, Catra and sword skill, speed and agility, and more. Better still, with our Anime Fighting Simulator codes, you’ll never run short on resources. 

Anime Fighting Simulator codes: A red haired anime character charges up a fiery move against a foe

What are Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

You can redeem Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator codes for free in-game resources to help level up your character quickly. Block Zone, the developer, often hands out new codes to celebrate in-game achievements, so be sure to keep an eye on this page for any new arrivals.

How do you redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes?

To redeem Anime Fighting Simulator codes, just follow the steps below.

  • Open Anime Fighting Simulator in Roblox
  • Select the Twitter icon in the bottom-left of your screen
  • Paste a code from above into the text box
  • Hit redeem and enjoy your goodies

What are Yen and Chikara shards in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Yen and Chikara are the two currencies found in Anime Fighting Simulator. Both currencies can be used to purchase various upgrades and cosmetics in-game. There are also Fruits in game, which help you unlock special powers. Fruits cannot be rolled through an NPC, so you’ll need to find them scattered across the map, through the Tournament Dimension, or in the Fighter Pass.

How do you earn Yen and Chikara Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Yen, which can be used to upgrade stat multipliers or your class, can be earned by defeating bosses, waiting a minute, or by completing quests. Chikara Shards can be used to buy specials and fighting styles, as well as champions, can be earned through Chikara Crates, completing quests, fighting bosses, and using codes.

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