SharkBite codes July 2024 – free Shark Teeth

You're going to need a bigger boat, so put these SharkBite codes to good use and upgrade your setup.

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Picture this: there’s a giant shark approaching your boat and you’re well equipped to take them down because you’ve been stocking up on SharkBite codes. These codes, which largely give you free Shark Teeth, allow you to work your way up to buying different cosmetics in SharkBite so you can look your best when you recreate Jaws.

With this comprehensive database, we’ll give you a heads up on all the latest codes to come to these shark-infested waters.

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Description Code
Working Sharkbite codes:
Description Code
Thumbs Up! reward 100K
Expired Sharkbite codes:
Description Code
Expired code HALLOWEEN
Expired code SPOOKYDOOT
50 Shark Teeth SHARKBITE2
50 Shark Teeth 1BILLION
50 Shark Teeth DUCKYRAPTOR
50 Shark Teeth FROGGYBOAT

What are SharkBite Shark Teeth?

Shark Teeth are a form of currency in SharkBite. You can use them to buy various shark and boat skins that improve your overall speed, strength, and durability. Shark Teeth do take a little while to accumulate, so using these SharkBite codes will help you along the way.

Sharkbite codes: A shark prepares to attack a duck-shaped boat

How do I redeem SharkBite codes?

To redeem your SharkBite codes, you’ll need to open the game, then hit the Twitter icon on the left-hand side of your screen. Here, enter your chosen code and select redeem – it’s as easy as that.

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