My Hero Mania codes June 2024 – free spins

With our regularly updated My Hero Mania codes list, you can boost the power of your quirks and grab some freebies.

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There’s nothing quite like being the hero of the hour. With our My Hero Mania codes list, you can make saving the day look better than ever. Whether you’re after in-game currency, recovering items, stat resets, or anything else, you’re bound to find something to help you in our Roblox My Hero Mania codes guide.

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Description Code
Working My Hero Mania codes:
Description Code
12 free spins the440k
12 free spins 430kcode
12 free spins 420k
15 free spins season6
13 free spins 450kLIKES!
13 free spins 380kCODE!
13 free spins epic460k
one epic spin 370klikes
13 free spins 360kgoal
13 free spins epic460k
13 free spins 470kplus
13 free spins 450kLIKES!
13 free spins thank350k
Expired My Hero Mania codes:
Description Code
expired code ultra140k
expired code goal200k
expired code theultra190k
expired code big130k
expired code plus120k!
expired code likereward1
expired code 110kcodeyay
expired code 210kCODE!
expired code 230kcode!
expired code thank220k
expired code 210kCODE!
expired code thank220k
expired code thank290k
expired code the250k
expired code 260ktime
expired code 240kCODE
expired code 270kREAL
expired code 280kLIKES
expired code big300k
expired code 310kLIKES
expired code 330kLIKES
expired code 320kday
expired code easter340k

What is My Hero Mania?

As the name of the game indicates, My Hero Mania is a Roblox experience that puts you in a world inspired by the popular anime, My Hero Academia. As such, you can expect to fight hordes of enemies and do the work of a true hero. Naturally, just like the popular show and manga, you need to roll for different quirks for your character, each of which provides you with different superpowers. Our My Hero Mania codes can help you out with that.

What are My Hero Mania codes?

You can redeem My Hero Mania codes for free spins to change up your quirks. The developer often hands out codes to celebrate in-game achievements and milestones, so watch out for any updates to this page.

How do I redeem My Hero Mania codes?

To redeem My Hero Mania codes, check out the steps below.

  • Open My Hero Mania in Roblox
  • Open the main menu
  • Paste a code into the text box
  • Hit redeem and get heroic with your freebies!

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