Jailbreak codes April 2024 – free cash and skins

Redeem working Jailbreak codes to get your hands on free cash, free skins, and more in this cops-and-robbers-themed Roblox game.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of living your best Prison Break life, then the best Jailbreak codes are for you. With various stacks of cash and other items on offer, there’s never been a better way to nab yourself a vehicle and plan your escape from the Roblox prison system. As ever with Jailbreak codes, things change on a regular basis so check back on a daily basis and let our comprehensive database do all the heavy lifting.

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Description Code
Working Jailbreak codes:
Description Code
Unlock crew battles crewcode3
Expired Jailbreak codes:
Description Code
Redeem 12,000 cash 5Days2022
Redeem 15,000 cash fivemillionlikes
Redeem 10,000 cash privatejet
Redeem 10,000 cash TOW
Redeem 5,000 cash museum
Redeem 5,000 cash WinterUpdate2021
Redeem 5,000 cash fall2021
Redeem 5,000 cash memes
Redeem 7,500 cash summervibes
Redeem 5,000 cash SOLIDGOLDWOOO
Redeem 10,000 cash 4years
Redeem 5,000 cash March2021
Redeem 7,500 cash doggo
Redeem 7,500 cash cargo
Redeem 5,000 cash countdown
Redeem 25,000 cash onehour
Redeem 5,000 cash stayhealthy
Redeem 10,000 cash minimustang
Redeem 10,000 cash Feb2020
Redeem 5,000 cash Winter
Redeem 5,000 cash FALL2020
Redeem 10,000 cash MOLTEN
Redeem 6,000 cash Balance
Redeem 7,500 cash 5Days
12.5k cash spring23

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is an open world Roblox game developed by Badimo. Since its release in 2017, the game has been played more than five billion times, and that’s largely down to the game’s simple premise. Here, players take the side of cops or robbers, where you’ll need to evade capture for your crimes or team up and try and arrest the criminals.

Jailbreak codes: A man in an orange jumpsuit runs away from a police officer as several other prisoners scale a fence

How do I redeem Jailbreak codes?

Here’s how to redeem your Jailbreak codes:

  • Open Jailbreak
  • Start a new game as a prisoner or a police officer
  • Once in game, you’ll need to find an ATM on the map
  • When you approach an ATM, a redeem box will pop up
  • Paste any one of our codes above into the box
  • Enjoy your rewards!

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