Hearts of Iron 4 cheats – unlimited resources, easy wars, and more

War is hell, but with these Hearts of Iron 4 cheats you can beat anyone into submission without really lifting a finger.

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Fighting on one front, let alone several, can inflict real pain on your armed forces, but with these Hearts of Iron 4 cheats you can win wars in seconds without having to make any real strategic decisions. You can also annex countries, force them into a specific ideology, or make them accept your terms without any push back – so what are you waiting for? Use our comprehensive HOI4 cheats database right now.

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Hearts of Iron 4 cheats:
Description Code
Increase your Command Power (max 100%) cp [amount]
Gives the leader or commander the specified amount of XP gain_xp [amount]
Increase or decrease War Support (max 100%) ws [amount]
Increase or decrease Stability (max 100%) st [amount]
Removes restrictions on general trait assignments allowtraits
Add specified equipment to your stockpiles, providing you've already researched it add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]
Add specified number of equipment to logistics pile add_latest_equipment [amount]
Enforces an immediate white peace between two specified nations whitepeace [country tag] [country tag]
Teleports ships or armies to the specified province ID teleport [province id]
Use any diplomatic action without justification allowdiplo
Enables or disables the immediate construction cheat instantconstruction
Research all or the specified equipment research [slot id/all]
Research the item you click on research_on_icon_click
Annexe the specified country to move their territory into yours annex [country tag]
Gain the specified amount of manpower in your reserves manpower [amount]
Secure max warscore for every conflict you're involved in winwars
Use this to change what country you're playing as tag [country tag]
Lets you watch the game play itself observe
Change ownership of a state to a specified country setowner [country tag] province id]
Change controller of a state to a specified country setcontroller [country tag] [province id]
Gives specified amount of XP to all pools xp [amount]
Gives specified amount of political power pp [amount]
Starts a civil war within your chosen country with the specified ideology (fascism, democratic, neutrality, communism) civilwar [ideaology] [country tag]
Increases or decreases popularity of the specified party by set amount add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount]
Sets the specified ideology as the ruling party (f, d, n, c) set_ruling_party [ideology]
Allows you to ignore focus requirements focus.nochecks
Allows you to ignore prerequisites focus.ignoreprerequisites
Allows you to ignore decision requisites decisions.nochecks
Causes AI to automatically accept any diplomatic offers yesman
Deletes all armies and fleets of specified country deleteallunits [country tag]
Adds specified amount of nukes to your arsenal nuke [amount]
Toggles the visibility of foreign fronts fronts
Toggles the visibility of trade routes traderoutes
Toggles the visibility of the tactics debug tooltip debug_tactics
Toggles the visibility of the pause menu nopausetext
Toggles the visibility of icons in the map nomapicons
Adds more humans or removes them morehumans [amount]
Adds or subtracts from chosen country's autonomy level add_autonomy [country tag] [amount]
Toggles fog of war on or off fow
Forces a save savegame
Adds specified state as the core of the country add_core [state id] [country tag]
Prints error logs error
Toggles weather on or off Weather
Moves the specified unit to the province specified moveunit [unit id] [province id]
Sets the tag colour of the chosen country tag_color [rgb]
Allows you to use any war goal without justification Instant_wargoal
Increases resistance by set amount resistance [amount]

How to use Hearts of Iron 4 cheats

To use Hearts of Iron 4 cheats, you’ll need to open the command console. To do this, load up a save and press TAB or backquote (`). Once the console is up, type in the command you want to use and hit enter.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats: Four commanders stand in front of a map

Hearts of Iron 4 country tags

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats often require you to use country tags or state IDs. You can find these tags by entering the command tdebug in the console and then hovering your cursor over the relevant country to reveal their information panel. The country tag is the three-letter code listed. For example, Poland has the country tag of POL.

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