Ark commands – dinos, tribes, and crafting

%%Excerpt%% With this list of Ark commands, cheats and codes, you can make your survival journey as easy or as difficult as you like

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If you’re in desperate need of food and water but there’s none around you, this Ark commands list just might save your virtual life. Mind you, it’s also a great read if you’re looking for ways to spice up the gameplay, as you can make things a little bit more entertaining. Honestly, there are many Ark console commands that do all manner of things.

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Working Ark commands:
Description Code
you can spawn a dino with set characteristics spawnexactdino
you can set the value of your stats setstatontarget
sets the maximum level for dino spawns setdifficultyvalue
determine the number of the current day setday
all map buffs are removed removeallworldbuffs
you can alter the shadow quality appearance r.shadowquality
you can change how the game graphics look previewmode
get onto a server of your choice open
you can see all buff IDsin the console listmybuffs
gets rid of weigh restrictions infiniteweight
you can get a fertilised egg from a targeted dino getegg
gives the dynamic config an update forceupdatedynamicconfig
mutagen bulbs spawn nearby forcemutagenspawn
your character recieves a status buff forcegivebuff
you can see the locations of mutagen bulbs findmutagendrops
inflation increases x10 dino titanmode
you can destroy all dinos under a specified type destroywilddinoclasses
you automatically harvest all resource nodes within a designated radius destroyfoliage
go straight to the final boss of Genesis: Part 1. debugallowvrmissionteleport
you can put a property on day cycle manager dcmset
water, durability, and energy are added to your items addequipmentdurability
go to the location of a specified actor teleporttoactorlocation
get your steamid back with a specific playerid getsteamidforplayerid
you can restart the map dorestartlevel
gives you unlimited health autocycle
alter the client graphics quality setgraphicsquality
lets you see the on-screen bug display showdebug
Toggles debug info display when looking at structures. debugstructures
Copies current coordinates and rotation to clipboard (x y z yaw pitch). copycoordstoclipboard
destroys the central node for a dino that you target dino destroycenternode
the left arm for a target dino is dismembered dino destroyleftnode
speeds up digesting time for target dino dinoset eattime
sets the blink and intro effect to specified level for target dino dinoset blink
makes the MegaMek invisible dino replayintro
sets the mek's upkeep interval in seconds for target dino dinoset upkeepinterval
enable the mek upkeep for a dino that your target dino toggleupkeep
heat remains at 0% for the target dino dino noheat
Adds and subtracts specified amount of fuel for target dinosaur dinoset fuel
the right arm for a target dino is dismembered dino destroyrightnode
fuel for a target dino remains at 100% dino infinitefuel
set inflation to maximum for target dino dino inflate
allows you to use cheats through the command server enablecheats
alter the weather conditions ce
alter the game mode through this command gamecommand
specify an item or blueprint and it gets added to your inventory gfi
turn creature movement on and off playersonly
an orbital supply drop arrives at the nearest location startnearesthorde
can see all orbital supply drops listactivehordeevents
you get all crafting recipes giveengrams
specify an item to add to your inventory giveitemtoplayer
get 50 units from each resource giveresources
you can walk through objects ghost
you can either go to sleep or wake up execsetsleeping
all tutorials are reset cleartutorials
you get all tek engrams giveengramstekonly
fly mode becomes activated fly
gives you additional XP giveexptoplayer
you can turn rider invisibility on or off hideriders
you become the founder of your current tribe maketribefounder
you now own the target structure and all those connected to it giveallstructure
you can join the target tribe forcejointribe
all untamed dinos are destroyed destroywilddinos
all players in a specified tribe are destroyed destroytribeidplayers
all dinos owned by a specified tribe are destroyed destroytribeiddinos
you can destroy a specified tribe destroytribeid
change the length of your hair setheadhairpercent
change your facial hair setfacialhairstyle
change the length of your facial hair setfacialhairpercent
change the style of your hair setheadhairstyle
allows you to turn on god mode setgodmode
you can load up a specified map openmap
you end your life suicide
ownership of the targeted dino becomes yours givetome
you become admin of your current tribe maketribeadmin
all non-player creatures are destroyed destroyallenemies
you are teleported to specified coordinates movetargetto
all structures in a specified tribe are destroyed destroytribeidstructures
all NPC creatures are destroyed destroyallenemies
determine the age of a target baby dino setbabyage
mek fuel and heat level returns to 0 for a target dino dino reset
inflation is constantly full for a target dino dino infinitegas
all blink cooldowns for a target dino are reset dino reset
cryo sickness is removed from those you target clearcryosickness
all surroudning structures are destroyed destroystructures
you destroy all players in a tribe you target destroytribeplayers
all creatures of a specified type are destroyed destroyall
go straight to specified coordinates setplayerpos
all the structures in a target tribe are destroyed destroytribestructures
all dinos owned by a target tribe are destroyed destroytribedinos
you can go straight to a specified horde event teleporttoactivehorde
all snapped structures in a tribe are destroyed destroytribestructureslessthan
you can travel straight to set coordinates tpcoords
you can level up your character's stats levelup
all targets within a ceratin radius can have their stats levelled up levelupaoe
autmatically kill a specified player killplayer
give as much as XP as you like to any target giveexptotarget
a target of your choice gets infinite stats giveinfinitestatstotarget
kick a player from the server kickplayer

What is Ark?

Ark is a survival game in which you find yourself in a prehistoric setting full of dinosaurs. You can choose to attempt to survive in a solo game mode, or you can opt to join a server and play with other players. You can form alliances or kill your fellow survivors to take what they have. As a survival title, you start with nothing, and must gather all the resources you possibly can to craft all the essentials that you need to survive.

How do I use Ark commands?

Using Ark commands is a fairly straightforward process. On PC, all you need to do is press the menu button and then press tab. For Playstation, press L1, R1, square, and triangle. For Xbox, use LB, RB, X, and Y. Type in enablecheats, and then enter an Ark command.

What are Ark commands?

Ark commands allow you to make alterations to all sorts of in-game content from graphics performance, all the way to the stats for certain dinos. You can also ensure you survive this harsh environment through health commands, as well as through healthy boosts to your stats. Another use for Ark commands is navigation, as you can instantly teleport to a specified area of the map. The possibilities are truly endless.

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